About Us: myHummy White Noise Toys

As new parents, we learn the true value of sleep. In the first few months of parenthood, every moment of rest is priceless. myHummy helps babies sleep better and lets parents have some time to themselves. Time to unwind in a bath, enjoy a hot cup of tea, or simply indulge in a long, uninterrupted slumber.

How does myHummy work?

Even though it feels like magic, there is science behind myHummy. These unique toys emit white noise which has been shown to improve babies’ sleep. In case of newborns, the likelihood of a baby falling asleep is increased threefold in response to white noise (study).

Newborn babies are not used to silence. For nine months they were surrounded by a plethora of sounds: mum's heartbeat, her rumbling tummy, the muffled noise of the outside world. So they feel more at ease when provided with the right amount of background noise.

Another reason, and it works just as well for older children and adults, is that white noise cancels out other sounds. Just like white light is all wavelengths of light, white noise is all frequencies of sound. It offers protection from sudden increases in the background noise, such as a slammed door or a beeping car. If you sleep in the same room as your baby, you’ll soon learn to appreciate the benefits of white noise and may find yourself sleeping better as well.

myHummy or a White Noise App?

Many parents use white noise apps on their phones to help babies sleep. The apps work but have a few disadvantages. For starters, many parents are wary about putting a phone next to their baby’s head. Secondly, you may want to use your phone while the baby is sleeping. And third, if the phone rings... well, that won't go down well with a sleeping baby!  No such problems with myHummy. Also, myHummy’s sound is muffled by its soft fabric, making it more pleasing to the ear.

The Humming Heart of myHummy

myHummy's Humming Heart is the white noise device safely concealed inside the toy. You don't have to take it out in order to switch the sound on. Just remember to remove it before putting myHummy in the washing machine!

  • White noise emitted by myHummy has been shown to help babies sleep
  • The white noise device is securely located in a zip pocket and is operated with one click
  • Five different sounds to choose from - white noise emitted by myHummy is electronically generated (it's not a recording) and resembles: a hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, rainfall, ocean waves and amniotic fluid with heartbeat
  • The sound gently fades out after 60 minutes without waking the sleeping baby
  • Smart Sleep Sensor - if your baby is starting to wake up or if there is an increase in the background noise, the device starts humming again
  • Non-stop mode for an uninterrupted night's sleep

Even More Qualities!

  • All myHummy toys are machine washable
  • Suitable from birth and tested for baby safety in every imaginable way
  • Made of top quality materials which babies love to touch, squeeze, hug and suck on!
  • Carefully designed and made entirely in Poland to the highest EU standards

If you have any questions about myHummy, please get in touch via email or Facebook.