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myHummy Mini - your baby’s best friend

myHummy Mini - take the soothing, oh-so-familiar hum of myHummy with you anywhere. Due to its small size and a special Velcro fastening, the myHummy Mini is perfect to hang on a child's bed, buggy, car seat or baby carrier. You can also attach it to your wrist to help settle your baby.

In the middle of myHummy Mini there is a pocket, fastened with a child-proof safety zip, which houses the Humming Heart. The Humming Heart can be operated without having to remove it from the zip pocket.

Machine washable, after removing the Humming Heart.

According to the method of 5 S’s developed by Dr Harvey Karp, the newborn babies are best soothed by Swaddling, Side-Stomach Positioning, Swinging, Sucking and Shushing. myHummy provides the shushing by emitting white and pink noise. To better adapt to the needs of little ones, every myHummy produces 5 types of white and pink noise: white noise, pink noise, amniotic fluid with heartbeat, ocean waves, rainfall.

myHummy are produced to the highest quality!

The advantages of myHummy Mini:

  • 5 types of sound
  • gentle fade-out after 60 minutes
  • one-button operation
  • adjustable volume
  • safe from birth
  • certified materials
  • Velcro fastening
  • machine-washable
  • produced in the EU

Additional features available in Sleep Sensor models:

  • Sleep Sensor - the smart mode which allows myHummy white noise toys to recognise when your baby is about to wake up or when there is an increase in the background noise
  • Non-stop mode - play the sound for up to 12 hours for a long sleep

Features available ONLY with Bluetooth models:
(Make sure to select the 'Sleep Sensor with Bluetooth' Humming Heart)

  • Use your phone as a remote control for myHummy

  • Turn the sound on and off via the app

  • Change the sound and volume from your phone

  • Control the duration of sound

  • Switch the Sleep Sensor on and off

  • Use Alarm Mode to send notifications to a phone when baby starts to whimper or cry (within Bluetooth range)


Dimensions: 15 x 15cm

Material: 20% cotton, 80% polyester

Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Made in Poland

Unrivalled quality

  • Machine washable
  • Suitable from birth
  • Certified fabrics
  • Made in EU

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