Sleepy Head

MyHummy Sleepy Head is much more than a white noise sleep aid for babies. It’s not only cute but it’s also portable. Sleepy Head can be attached to a cot, pram, car seat or even a baby carrier, making it the perfect white noise sleep aid at home or on the go. MyHummy Sleepy Heads come in three delightful colours: ecru white, baby blue and pastel pink. The sound on myHummy Sleepy Head last for 60 minutes before entering a stand-by mode. When baby starts to stir or whimper, the Sleepy Head activates again!

Sleep Aid for Babies: myHummy Sleepy Head Pink

Sleepy Head: Pastel Pink

White noise sleep aid for babies - myHummy Sleepy Head Baby Blue

Sleepy Head: Baby Blue

Baby sleep aid - myHummy Sleepy Head Ecru White

Sleepy Head: Ecru White