Sleepy Head: Baby Blue - with App (Bluetooth)


NEW! This model of myHummy features Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to use myHummy with a mobile App.

Additional functions available through the app:

  • Use your phone as a remote control for myHummy
  • Adjust the volume and type of sound
  • Control the duration of sound
  • Switch the Sleep Sensor on and off
  • Use Alarm Mode to send notifications to a phone when baby starts to whimper or cry (within Bluetooth range)

Find out more about the myHummy App


  • The sound gently fades out after 60 minutes and the device enters a stand-by mode
  • Sleep Sensor - white noise comes on again when baby starts to whimper
  • Non-stop mode for up to 12 hours of sound
  • Volume control
  • Five types of white noise: amniotic fluid with heartbeat, ocean waves, rainfall, vacuum cleaner, hairdryer
  • All myHummies are machine washable after removing the white noise device from the zip pocket
  • Sleepy Head can be attached to a cot, pram, car seat, or baby carrier with a velcro strap

Check your device's compatibility before purchase.

This white noise toy requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)

Dimensions: approx. 16x15 cm / 6.2x5.9 in

Suitable from birth

Please read our sleep safety guidelines

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