MyHummy Snoozy white noise toys are cute and practical. You can attach them to a cot, car seat or a buggy . Babies love playing with ball-shaped objects and especially enjoy chomping on Snoozy's paws!  Snoozy comes in five lovely colours: pink, blue, green, grey and ecru. MyHummy Snoozy emits 5 types of white noise resembling: a hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, ocean waves, rainfall and amniotic fluid with heartbeat.

White noise for babies - myHummy Snoozy Blue

Snoozy: Baby Blue

White noise toy: myHummy Snoozy Grey

Snoozy: Slate Grey

myHummy Snoozy Light Grey White Noise Toy

Snoozy: Light Grey

White noise toy - myHummy Snoozy Mint Green

Snoozy: Mint Green

myHummy Snoozy Ecru white noise toy

Snoozy: Ecru White

White noise toy - myHummy Snoozy Pink

Snoozy: Pastel Pink